Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you and your business confidence in knowing your services, and (most importantly) staff operate safely, securely, efficiently and interruption-free.

We provide boutique and customized services ranging from general IT Security Vulnerability Scanning (yawn) to regular and long-term, specialized adversarial simulation where your team gets to truly see and feel what it would be like if skilled attackers were to actually target your company (from employees to third-party vendors to the physical security of your office). 


With years of providing services across the nation, the team of specialists at Tri-City Tech work hard to ensure that all of your company's assets, in the home and at the office, are not causing a data breach. For us, Computing Security and the safety of your staff and clients are our non-negotiable top-priorities.


We test your company's current protections from and reactions to ransomware, trojans, rootkits, disasters, and any other forms of destruction to your hard-won success. We operate and test on all devices across all platforms from MacOS, iOS, and Android to Windows and Linux (and even if your network-connected lights can be taken over). We offer consulting services and once testing is complete we give your key stakeholders and employees the key metrics they need to track their safety.


Customer Centered

We provide you with ongoing and regular solutions, knowledge, support and confidence in the services you receive. We believe in and produce proactive results and preventative measures.


Social Responsibility

We are focused on integrity, transparency, honesty and genuine interactions in our business. Supporting you supports the entire business atmosphere by creating an attitude of being PROactive instead of reactive. Imagine if a criminal were able to get photocopies of passports because "that was the one" piece of paper that forgot to  shred.


Environmental Responsbility

We recycle or repair and donate unused technology to those who do not have adequate access to technology and the financial means to acquire technology related services.